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Lunch & Dinner Menu Selections for All Appetites
Burgers | Steak | Fried Chicken | Seafood

Satisfy your hunger at Mike Kelly's Westsider! We have fried shrimp dinners every Friday night, and offer a build-your-own burger menu. With live music every night Wedsday through Saturday or the dart board that's available for an after-dinner game, you'll have a blast. Contact us today for information on our nightly specials.

Lunch Entrees Include:

Soups, stews, salads, burgers, meat loaf, pork tenderloins & more

Dinner Entrees Include:

Steaks, Fish & Chips, Grilled Fish & more

Nightly Specials

Mon: Burgers & Brews

Tues: Steak Night

Wed: Pasta Night

Thur: Grilled Porkloin

Fri: Fried Shrimp

Sat: Chef's Suprise

From sharing an appetizer to a hearty steak dinner... We've got what you're craving!