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A Neighborhood Pub with an Irish Flare
Live Entertainment to Accompany Drinks with Friends

Choose Mike Kelly's Westsider as your go-to destination for tasty drinks and good times with friends! Our full service restaurant and bar carries imported beer, cocktails, wine, and liquor to quench all thirsts. Visit us in Kansas City, Missouri, to listen to live entertainment while eating and drinking with friends.

Our Live Entertainment Schedule Includes

Thur 6/28 Nace Brothers Acoustic Trio 7pm

Fri 6/29  Red Ball Jets 6pm

               Arkansauce 9pm

Sat 6/30 Steamboat Bandits 9pm

Tues 7/3 Super Massive Black Holes


Thur 7/5   Steamboat Bandits Jam 8pm

Fri 7/6 Una Walkenhorst 7pm

Sat 7/7 Better Off Dead 9pm

Wed 7/11 Jeff Norm & Dave  7pm

Thur 7/12 Barclay Brothers 8pm

Fri 7/13  Counter Culture

sat 7/14  Rock Paper Scissors 5pm

                Ramblers 9pm

Wed 7/18 Jeff Norm & Dave 7pm

Thur 7/19 Chad Brothers & Chris Hudson 

Fri 7/20  The Uninvited 8pm

Sat 7/21 Get Ready Rock Steady 

               w/ Teenage Heart Soundsystem

                      & Texas Spinbyrd  8pm

Wed 7/25  tba

Thur 7/26 Nace Brothers Acoustic Trio 7pm

Fri 7/27 Gullywasher 

Sat 7/28 Ladies Mic Presented by Woman On

              The Rise 3pm

               Promise Makers 8pm

Wed 8/1 Jeff Norm & Dave 7pm

Thur 8/2 Steamboat Bandits Jamgrass 8pm

Fri 8/3 Better Off Dead 9pm

Sat 8/4 Laughing Willow 8pm

Wed 8/8 Jeff Norm & Dave 7pm

Thur 8/9  Brothers Barclay 8pm

Fri 8/10  Tracer Heights 

Sat 8/11 Rex Prior Song Swap 1pm

               Rock Paper Scissors  5pm

                  Mikal & The Musical 9pm

Wed 8/15 Jeff Norm & Dave 7pm

Thur 8/16 Griffon Winton

                 w/The Country Duo

                       & Kelly Hunt           7pm

Fri 8/17 Mick Byrd & The Backroad Band 7pm

Fri 8/18 Two Headed Cow & Friends

Wed 8/22 Jeff Norm & Dave 7pm

Wed 8/29 Jeff Norm & Dave 7pm

Thur 8/30 Nace Brothers Acoustic Trio 7pm
















Jazz instrument - Come to our Kansas City, Missouri, bar and grill for the best in live entertainment and delicious entrees, such as seafood cuisine.

Enjoy a night out with friends at our full-service KCMO bar and grill.